Our NEW Natural Linen Towels

Collection Kitchen Towels Natural Linen Skandia Sweden

It's no secret that linen is a luxurious fabric. With use dating back beyond 8000 BC, linen has been the go-to fiber for use in the home and for the body.  

Created from flax fibers, linen has an involved manufacturing process that results in a strong, dirt resistant fabric. Linen is one of the few fibers that is stronger when wet.

Dermond Peterson has been printing our pillows and table runners on European linen since 2001, each cut and sewn by our small team in Milwaukee, WI. 

Dermond Peterson Swedish Blue Natural Linen Kitchen Towels

In 2016 we have decided to offer our Skandia collection on Natural Linen Kitchen Towels. Each towel is cut from the same 100% Italian Linen as our pillows and runners, sewn with reinforced seams, and block printed with our iconic Scandinavian designs. The result is sturdy yet soft towels that can handle kitchen cleanup just as well as at a set table as a bold large napkin.

Dermond Peterson Skandia Natural Linen Kitchen Towels



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