Dermond Peterson's New Sweetheart- Älskling

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One of Susan's latest designs, Älskling, or Swedish for "Sweetheart" is an homage to traditional Swedish Huck weaving.

Swedish Huck Weaving Example

Huck weaving combines embroidery, weaving and darning and dates back to the 1600's. Each of the colored threads stays on top of the fabric keeping the back neat.

Huck Weaving Design

 Älskling plays with the ubiquitous Scandianavian heart shape and the dynamic warp and weft of weaving practices.

Dermond Peterson Alskling, Sweetheart, Detail shot

The design process for Älskling was lengthy- each aspect of the heart, the repeat, the positive and negative space, and the shape break was tested multiple times by Susan in order to reach the right level of sophistication and slight whimsy.

Alskling Natural Linen Kitchen Towel by Dermond Peterson

Like many Dermond Peterson blocks, the print is prepared to fit onto multiple products whether as one print like on our Kitchen Towels or Pillows or in repeat as on our Bags or Table Runners

Dermond Peterson Alskling City Bag

Available in Black, Red, and our new Swedish Blue.

Dermond Peterson Alskling Table Runner. Red on Natural Linen.



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