All about Dermond Peterson Bags- The Big Bag

Behind the Scenes Big Bag Collection Studio

One of the greatest misconceptions about Dermond Peterson bags is that we print on premade bags. Not at all true!

The Dermond Peterson Bag Collection began with the now-named Big Bag:


The Big Bag was designed in our studio out of heavy weight canvas. Each bag is cut from canvas the exact height of the bag pattern to reduce waste. Large and ready to carry EVERYTHING you need, the Big Bag is great for travel, the beach, or trips around town when you have a lot to pick up.


Dermond Peterson's Handmade Bag Handles

Each Bag strap is made out of a double layer of slightly lighter weight canvas and securely sewn onto our bags. Never fear broken straps with a Dermond Peterson bag- they are built to be as strong as you are. 

Dermond Peterson Randig Stripe City Bag in Terra Cotta

Our new City Bag features the exact same Big Bag features- heavy duty canvas, strong handmade handles, bold prints- but in a smaller more urban sized bag. It is perfect for toting around all your work essentials and a lunch, or running errands around town.

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