John Dory and the Dory Dermond Peterson print

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The Dermond Peterson Dory print has been one of the most popular in our Seaside collection since its inception. 

Dermond Peterson Dory Fish Table Runner in Clementine on White Linen

The John Dory is a coastal fish not known for being a great swimmer- better known for being a delicious dinner.

Dermond Peterson Lime Dory Fish Big Bag Tote

The origins of the fish's name are murky and anecdotal- Smithsonian Magazine defers to Larousse Gastronomique- the 1938 culinary masterwork which claims "the English name is a corruption of its French nickname, Jean-doré" But also states that that is unclear to this day.

Dermond Peterson Dory Fish Pillow in Black on Natural Linen


The Dermond Peterson Dory combines natural references to this tasty fish with our unique handmade block techniques. 

Dermond Peterson Dory Pillow in Indigo on White Linen

Each Dory pillow, bag or table runner is printed to order. Don't see a color that fits?

Send us an email at and we can work with you to find a color suited to your modern coastal decor.


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