Palimpsest: An ongoing series of residual images from the Dermond Peterson worktable

Behind the Scenes Palimpsest Seaside

Dermond Peterson Octopus Palimpsest

Images from the Dermond Peterson work table show layers and layers of colors applied over time. These views feature our classic Octopus in white most likely the inky remains of a table runner. You can also see vague impressions of our Randig stripe pattern in gray- a new color we've introduced to our bold Skandia collection


Dermond Peterson Studio Table Palimpsest


The round shattered print is one of our newest designs- yet to be released.


Dermond Peterson. Palimpsest. Block Print. Made in USA. Work Table. In the Studio. Milwaukee.

Dermond Peterson. Studio. Milwaukee. In the Studio. Block Print. Design.

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